Thinking Partnership

Think at a deeper level than you ever have before

Course Overview

Learn and practice creating Nancy Kline’s renowned Thinking Environment, a space where innovation, well-being and individuality flourish.

In your everyday life, when was the last time you gave yourself uninterrupted time to think and get to the bottom of issues that are affecting you?

This course is about learning to think at a deeper level than you ever have before. You’ll learn to transform the quality of your thinking by being part of a Thinking Environment with your Thinking Partner. Your Thinking Partner will encourage you to think well by giving you their full attention and having genuine interest in where you’ll go next with your thinking.

You’ll learn and experience how to be a Thinker and a Thinking Partner. As a Thinking Partner you’ll create an environment where the Thinker has the trust and courage to think for themselves with creativity and rigour.

Key Learnings

  • The components that ignite exceptional thinking.
  • Independent thinking with creativity, rigour and courage.
  • Listening as a Thinking Partner at a level that encourages independent thinking.
  • Identifying assumptions and questioning whether or not they are true.
  • Creating incisive questions that free the mind of untrue assumptions.

Who should attend?

Coaches, mentors, managers, leaders and anyone who wants to improve themselves and others through high-quality, independent thinking.

What is included?


  • A one and a half hour one-to-one thinking session with the trainer before the course.
  • Three days of thinking and learning together.
  • Email support from from the trainer between stages of the course.

“Thinking Partnership training has been transformative. Equipping me and my teams with skills we didn’t know we needed to unlock our cognitive potential and approach challenges with newfound clarity. The program’s emphasis on deep, reflective thinking not only enhanced problem-solving and significantly elevated overall decision-making skills but provided the added bonus of a tangible uptick in productivity! Time certainly well spent!”

Charnelle Bruton – Client Services Delivery Manager

“Everybody is busy, especially leaders. This training taught me the practices and discipline to meet with a trusted peer (usually for an hour or less) and think through my most important topics. This time is incredibly efficient and often the most valuable hour of my week!”

Duncan Cameron – Delivery coach

What qualifications do i get with this course?

On completing this course, you’ll qualify to take the Time To Think Coaching Course where you can deepen your expertise in the Thinking Partnership and qualify to use the Thinking Session in coaching.


This course is highly interactive. The first two days are consecutive and the third day is a month later. On all these days, you’ll watch and practice thinking sessions both as a Thinker and as a Thinking Partner. After the first two days and before the final day you are expected to have two thinking sessions with someone else from the course. This will embed your learning and generate questions that we can answer.


3 days


Face-to-face (London area) or online


Minimum 2 Maximum 6

Class Title

Time To Think Thinking Partnership Course®

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