Capability growth for your organisation.


Course Content

Most organisations are designed to resist effective delivery. Hierarchical reporting lines, annual budgeting, departmental silos, incentives, a focus on resource utilisation, and a lack of real customer intimacy are just the start.

The traditional management models being used by modern businesses are unsuitable for the rapid delivery cycles that we need in today’s fast-paced world. And it is the traditional thinking that supports these models that really prevents us from being able to change and deliver successfully.

The courses we offer have been selected specifically to help you overcome some of the resistance you will face in making changes and improving the performance of your organisation.

After you have attended one of our classes you will be equipped with a different way of thinking about how you approach work and lead change and you will have new tools in your arsenal that you can apply the following day.

Kanban Method

Learn everything you need to know to be successful with evolutionary change methods. Whether you are building firm foundations with Team Kanban or using your expertise to coach others on their journey, and everything in between, we support you every step of the way.


Learn how to how to become fit-for-purpose in the eyes of your customers. Produce products and services that delight your customers and drive brand loyalty.


Learn management techniques for the modern business. Simple, yet powerful concepts that help you to move on from traditional management methods that are unsuitable for the rapid delivery cycles that we need in today’s fast-paced world.


In this class, we will cover simple concepts that are powerful in helping you organise, understand and manage your work.

Time to Think

In these courses you will learn how to coach and facilitate independent thinking in organisations, teams and one-to-ones by creating a Thinking Environment where people think for themselves with creativity, rigour and courage.