Align behind strategy and quantify success.


Course Content

Most organisations are designed to resist effective delivery. Hierarchical reporting lines, annual budgeting, departmental silos, incentives, a focus on resource utilisation, and a lack of real customer intimacy are just the start.

The traditional management models being used by modern businesses are unsuitable for the rapid delivery cycles that we need in today’s fast-paced world. And it is the traditional thinking that supports these models that really prevents us from being able to change and deliver successfully.

OKR Creator​

OKRs are quickly becoming a fantastic method to foster collaboration and enable self-organising teams to impact strategic outcomes in your organisation.

OKR Team Coach​

Our OKR Team Coach course focuses on the mindset, responsibilities, tools and techniques that an OKR coach will need to help uplift skills and capabilities of your people across your entire organisation. The course will enable delegates to gain professional skills required to uplift your team’s effectiveness in OKR creation and refinement.