OKR Creator

Gain the skill to understand and craft meaningful OKRs for your team, department or organisation.


Course Content

OKRs are quickly becoming a fantastic method to foster collaboration and enable self-organising teams to impact strategic outcomes in your organisation.

The OKR creator course focuses on the theory, practice and thinking tools required to create effective OKRs to help you and your organisation move towards outcome-orientated ways of working.

What you will learn

By attending this highly interactive course you will gain the necessary skills to understand and craft meaningful OKRs for your team, department or organisation; these new skills will help you and your organisation move towards an outcome-driven environment.


This course does not have any pre-requisites. It is advisable that delegates for this course are keen to have an active interest in driving the adoption of OKRs into an organisation and are willing to help and support others to improve their OKR abilities.

Who should attend

  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers & Engineers
  • Product and Software leaders
  • Portfolio Managers

Accreditation Issued

Certified OKR Creator by the OKR Method.

Skills you will gain on this course

Understanding the problems OKRs are trying to solve in the world

  • In depth look at the origin and history of OKRs and their success in complex environments and why they are being adopted by so many organisations.

OKR Strategy Application

  • Delegates are taught how strategy is executed at every level of an organisation and how OKRs can effectively communicate strategy.

How OKRs operate

  • We show teams how to manage the OKR cycle and how to set themselves up for success.

An OKR writing structure

  • How to use a structure and syntax to formulate and create a consistent way of writing OKRs

OKR Writing Skills

  • We provide the delegates with much-needed skills that help them to craft well written OKR’s.

Ability to distinguish between good and bad OKRs

  • We provide delegates with real world examples to show them the differences between OKRs and the pitfalls of misunderstanding when trying to implement OKRs without the right skills.

OKR Practice & Scenarios

  • We provide delegates with an experiential learning experience to put into practice the skills they have learnt during our OKR creator course by creating OKRs using case studies provided during the training.


The course is a mix of presentation and exercises.


1 Day


Onsite OR Virtual BUT NOT Mixed


Maximum 30

Class Title

OKR Creator

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