Maximise the performance of your business.


Transforming Business Performance

It is our belief that for change to be successful, it needs to be done by you, not done to you.

We see too many companies hiring consultants to change for them. Frameworks are installed, and role changes are inflicted on staff regardless of whether they are suitable or not. Existing processes and systems are ignored, all in the name of ‘best practice’.


What Our Clients Experience With Us

‘Big bang’ change initiatives create fear and can be traumatic for those that are being changed. It’s not surprising then, that staff resistance to change is the single biggest reason why most transformation initiatives fail.

In order to maximise the performance of your business, our evolutionary change approach focuses on creating capability within your organisation. And, because It’s your organisation and not someone else’s, the changes required to do this will be unique to you.


Business Transformation

In order to understand how a business needs to change, we first assess how it currently performs.

We work with your staff to understand who your customers are and how you create value for them. We assess the capability of your teams to deliver against those customer outcomes. Based on this assessment, we create a set of recommendations and a roadmap of change. This roadmap will outline the evolution of your business from where it is now to where it needs to be, and what that will take.

Our team of experienced practitioners work directly with your staff to co-create and deliver the change required to maximise the performance of your entire business.


Targeted Performance Improvement

You may have identified a specific area within your business that is underperforming, and that you believe needs some help.

We’ve applied our evolutionary change method to every aspect of business, from; Procurement, Finance, Legal, or HR, to Software Development, Customer Care, and other operational teams. Our technical team also offers expertise in modern software development techniques, Principal Engineering, and SRE.

We can also provide established software development capability through our network of trusted partners.


People Development

All of the services we offer represent an investment in your people.

Whether in support of a business transformation or some targeted performance improvements, or as a standalone programme of work, we offer a range of accredited and non-accredited training courses.

Our broad range of courses teach your staff how to design and deliver evolutionary change through the use of the Kanban Method. For the more experienced, we are one of the first consultancies in the world to be able to train your staff in the use of the Kanban Maturity Model.

We provide Leadership training and Product Management training, as well as being able to arrange OKR training through our network of trusted partners.

Full details of our training courses can be found here


Leadership Development

It is our belief that leaders go first. In order for any change initiative to be successful it must have strong leadership, and that requires leaders to understand change, and to model the behaviours required to make change stick.

Our 1:2:1 leadership coaching programme uses 360 degree feedback and matches that with a self-assessment to create a leadership development pathway for each candidate. Our leadership coaches support leaders through the programme, and success is measured against the change in observed leadership behaviours.

We offer support in developing strategy, and expressing that intent using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). We also support leaders in how to move from strategic intent to strategy execution.