Time to Think

Creating a Thinking Environment

Whats is Time to Think?

The quality of everything we do, every action we take, every decision we make, depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.

Time To Think is a framework of techniques and behaviours that create a Thinking Environment where people think for themselves with creativity, rigour and courage.

The Benefits of Time to Think

Quality of Meetings

It is not uncommon that time pressure and poor facilitation lead to ineffective meetings. Time To Think creates effective meetings that are a Thinking Environment where both introverts and extroverts think without interruption and with encouragement to explore new ideas.

Deep Thinking

A Thinking Partnership is a form of coaching that fosters deep thinking to uncover new insights. It is a space for uninterrupted thinking and reflection on topics of the Thinker’s choice. This enhances decision-making and promotes personal and professional growth.

Improved Decision-Making

The Time To Think approach of absorbing all the relevant facts improves the quality of decision-making. The relevant facts include the identification and questioning of untrue assumptions that might otherwise cloud decision-making.


Time To Think fosters strong connections and trust by creating an environment where everybody feels valued and listened to. This strengthens relationships and collaboration.

Transforming Meetings

Transforming Meetings is a highly interactive one day course where you’ll learn how to make meetings effective and motivational. You will learn techniques and behaviours that create a Thinking Environment and encourage independent thinking and collaboration from all to achieve your meeting outcomes.

The Foundation Course

The Time To Think Foundation Course is a highly interactive two day course that immerses you in the behaviours that create a Thinking Environment. You will learn how to transform meetings, give engaging presentations, conduct good interviews, ask Incisive Questions about untrue assumptions and take the first steps towards Time To Think coaching. This course is a prerequisite for the Time To Think Facilitation Course.

The Thinking Partnership Course

In this three-day Thinking Partnership Course, you will learn how to have one-to-ones in a Thinking Environment. You will both experience independent thinking and learn how to be a Thinking Partner, generating independent thinking in others. You will also learn to create Incisive Questions and free people from their untrue assumptions.