Kanban Coaching

Turn your knowledge of the Kanban Maturity Model into a set of coaching practices.


Course Content

Advance your knowledge of the Kanban Maturity Model into a set of coaching practices that enable you and others to mature using managed evolutionary change within your organization. 

Throughout this class we will introduce you to the Kanban coaching philosophy, common tools utilised by Kanban coaches, how to master managed evolutionary change, define organisational culture and how to influence it, and what it means to be a Kanban Coaching Professional. You will learn how to solve common challenges and problems that coaches face when they attempt to mature an organisation using the practices and knowledge in the Kanban Method.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, I will be able to provide pragmatic and actionable coaching to an organisation because i can:

  • Explain and use the Kanban Coaching Principles.
  • Explain and utilise the Kanban tools STATIK and Kanban Maturity Model in my Kanban Coaching.
  • Explain and use the theory of Managed Evolutionary Change including the usage of the Evolutionary Change Model.
  • Understand elements that influence change like Cultural Context and Social Psychology.
  • Guide Evolutionary Change in social groups.

Certificate Issued

Standard certificate of completion. This is part 2 of a 2-part credential certificate program for KCP Credential. The Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential is granted if the KMM course is also completed. In which case KCP badge shown on the KU website and KCP badge file made available.

Positioning and Target Group

Enable coaches and leaders to drive organizational change using evolutionary approaches to manage resistance in order to improve business outcomes. This includes:

  • Coaches and leaders who are supporting or coaching a change initiative
  • Coaches of coaches within large organizations
  • Managers of coaches or other leaders who are responsible for setting boundaries and scope

Positioning and Target Group

  • How do I coach Kanban across multiple teams while addressing resistance to change?
  • How do I coach Kanban to coaches I’m responsible for?
  • What do I need to understand about the KMM to build off of it for coaching?
  • How to manage evolutionary change using a Coaching Kanban System?
  • How do I manage the coaching work?
  • How do I read the environment as I prepare to coach?
  • How do I evaluate my tactics for evolutionary change coaching to ensure I’m progressing well?
  • How do I develop outcomes that resonate with evolutionary change?
  • What’s the context for making managed evolutionary change happen?
  • For a coach – a means to organize coaching behaviour
  • Managing your evolutionary change journey
  • Actionable tool to begin coaching on Monday


It is expected all students have significant Kanban experience, have attended the Kanban Maturity Model course, and have attained the Kanban Management Professional credential from Kanban University.



The course is a mix of presentation, simulation, and exercises.


2 days or 4 half days


Online only until further notice


Minimum 8
Maximum 15

Class Title

Kanban Coaching Professional (part II of the KCP Credential)

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