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Adaptavis® is a business performance and transformation consultancy that specializes in helping you to enhance your operational efficiency, drive business growth, and navigate complex transformations. From strategy to execution, we focus on providing insights and practical solutions to improve the overall performance of your business, ensuring you can adapt to changing market conditions and achieve sustainable success.



Creating a compelling vision and clear strategy using effective modern and traditional methods will align and inspire your people.

Operating Model Design

Focusing on your customers and aligning around their needs will enable you to build a resilient and robust, fit-for-purpose business.

Lean Portfolio Management

Enable strategic visibility to align action to your vision, enabling better trade-offs, faster decision making, and improved ROI.

Operational Excellence

Tackling delays caused by quality and collaboration challenges will reduce overburdening, reduce costs and enable faster value delivery.

Instrumentation & Reporting

Instrumentation and reporting creates transparency and alignment, demonstrates control, and fosters collaborative improvement.

Employee Capability

Equipping you teams with modern leadership and evolutionary change practices will enable them to perform in this fast-paced modern world.


We work with forward thinking leaders who are willing to build success by Daring to be Different. Here’s what some of them have to say about us:

Client Results

Business leaders and owners partner with Adaptavis® because they demonstrate results. Here are the some of the results our clients have realised through working with us:


Economic uplift identified
€160m additional savings and revenue for an EV network provider identified using our economic model versus their previous model.


Benefits realised earlier
Facilitating a £1bn retail transformation using lean ways of working, focusing on the swift execution of productivity and efficiency initiatives, and the development of new propositions.


Delay cost identified
At our finance client we identified £18m of delay and co-ordination costs associated with offshored development leading to it being onshored as a better economic decision.


Increase in delivery rate
After providing training and minimal support our EV client experienced 320% improvement in delivery rate, 60% reduction in lead time and ~50% improvement in overall quality.


Improvement in speed
We saw a 475% improvement in lead time after 1 month working with the trading development platform teams at an investment bank.


Reduction in quality issues
By focusing on visualising the work, limiting WIP, and collaborating more effectively we saw the teams at our investment bank client reduce quality issues by ~90%.

We take a humane and sustainable approach to change.

Adaptavis® will work closely with you to understand your unique challenges and opportunities to deliver tailored solutions that foster capability, growth and resilience in your dynamic business environment.


"One of the reasons we chose Adaptavis to work with us was their approach focused on building the capability of our staff."

- Head of Works Council, Netherlands

We're different. Our focus is on building your capability so that you can continue evolving long after we've gone.

James Enock

Founder & CEO

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